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During our design process we work iteratively, you will have a chance to review our work and provide feedback during each iteration. If you find any issues with the design we’ll work with you to find a design solution.

If at any point you’re not happy with the direction our work is taking, you’re welcome to pay in full for everything produced until that point and cancel the contract.


During any contract we undertake we’re not responsible for writing any new text copy unless previously agreed. The client agrees that any text copy provided is accurate.
New copy can be written if requested and a separate estimate can be provided.


Changes And Revisions

Our fixed price contracts can limit you to your earliest ideas and are based on the length of time we believe your website will take to be completed.
While we aim to satisfy your requirements within our estimate time, we don’t want to prevent you changing direction and are happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind or add anything new we are happy to provide a separate estimate for that.

Graphics And Photography

Any graphics provided for a project should be in an editable vector format, and photographs should be provided in a high resolution.
Stock photos and/or graphics can be used from our library, if these aren’t included in your contract we can provide a separate price for these.
By using any stock photos and/or graphics you agree that they remain the property of Studio Six Creative Ltd, and that you are permitted to use the stock photos and/or graphics only in the contracted project.
If your project requires custom graphics and/or photography (which we recommend for that personal touch), we can provide an estimate for these services.

Browser Testing

We try to deliver a dynamic website experience that is appropriate to the capabilities of the device being used. We test our websites using current versions of various browsers including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox.


We provide a 30 day warranty on software we develop for you. Once your software is live and you receive feedback from your customers and/or users you might have some things you’d like altering.
For 30 days after your project goes live we’ll carry out any fixes and revisions free of charge (as long as it’s within the scope of the original agreement).
After the 30 days any alterations will be charged at our hourly rate.


You guarantee that any text, images, graphics, videos, music and other artwork and/or media you provide are either owned by yourselves, or that you have permission to use them, and that you take full responsibility and liability in cases of accidental or incidental copyright or trademark infringement with regard to the aforementioned supplied media. You agree that Studio Six Creative Ltd is not responsible or liable for any damages to third parties due to the use of media you supply. Once final payment has cleared, copyright will be assigned to you.
We put a lot of love into your product and want to tell people about what we produce. We reserve the right, with your permission, to place an in-line link mentioning us as the developers of your website. Also we’d love to include your finished products on our website showcase, and to be able to write about it on our website, in magazine articles and in books.


With us being a small business with bills to pay, we are sure you understand how important it is that you pay the invoices we send to you promptly. When you work with us you’re agreeing to stick to our tight payment schedule.
If payment of any invoices payable to Studio Six Creative Ltd under this contract has not been made within 14 days of their due date, we reserve the right to remove your website, software, databases and/or any other products provided by us from the Internet and/or to suspend any outstanding obligations owed by Studio Six Creative Ltd to you, the client, under this contract, in each case until we have received full payment in full.


If you require website, software or database hosting, we will host it for you until not less than one month’s notice is given by either you or by ourselves (notice may not be given until we have hosted the website, software or database for at least six months).
If you require your hosting to be moved to another provider we will happily transfer this with a request from either yourselves or the new host as long as the above conditions have been met or the remaining cost of the hosting term has been paid in full. All transfers will incur a transfer fee that will be stated when the transfer is requested.

Data Storage

Studio Six Creative Ltd will not share information or data you have provided, or are hosting with us, to third parties unless specified in our Website Usage Agreement or previously agreed by yourselves.

Spam And Malware

While we endeavour to secure your website to the best of our ability you agree it is not the responsibility of Studio Six Creative Ltd to protect your company from spam or malware.


If, during the term of this contract, Studio Six Creative Ltd enters into liquidation whether compulsory of voluntary (other than for the purposes of solvent reconstruction or amalgamation) or ceases to trade, you shall be entitled to obtain from Studio Six Creative Ltd, or its liquidator, the relevant project files and completed works that were agreed to be delivered.

Legal Stuff

While we aim to fulfil the requirements set out by our clients to the best of our ability, we (unfortunately) can’t guarantee that our work will be error-free. Therefore we can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost income, damages to reputation or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you advised us of them.
We also can’t guarantee or give you any warranty that the website, software, graphics, photography, or any other products and/or services provided by ourselves will achieve any result, be available continuously, be completely protected against outside influences, or remain free of viruses of items of a destructive nature.
If any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Website Usage Agreement

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